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PremiumContainers-Since 1996

  • PremiumContainers was fully operational in 1996 by Daniel Bradford as a result of his obsession for architecture.  He then reached out to a couple of close friends who shared similar ideologies and together, they redefined container construction. In the course of this, he developed a feeling of insufficiency so he made it his mission to refine those challenges by making use of shipping containers.  The benefits have been overwhelming thus far, not to mention nearly indestructible!
  • Daniel’s history of quality custom shipping container building combined with top level construction will provide you with just the right full-time home, vacation cabin, rental or even commercial property.  Most of our shipping containers are “Certified Manufactured Shipping Containers.”  This implies standard procedures and principles are followed, which will help ease our clients’ ability for financing and municipality approvals.
  • PremiumContainers is very obsessed about making your dreams come true by constructing an eccentric shipping container that suits your taste and preferences. Simply browse through our rich collection of new and used shipping containers for sale and then select the custom options you’d like: siding type and color, flooring, cabinets, countertops, lofts, kitchens, bathrooms and more!
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Our Vision

To be the most consistent and reliable shipping container supplier in the industry. 

Our Mission

To inspire humanity through our amazingly unique shipping containers.

Meet Our Exceptional Team

Daniel Bradford

CEO and Co-Founder

Bob Paisley

HR executive

Richard Dunne

Client Engagement Officer

How Much Is A Shipping Container

  • We do often get asked the question ‘how much is a shipping container’? Answer is simple.
  • Browse through our Shipping Container Shop and you will be amazed with the prices. Our new and used shipping containers are slightly cheaper than the containers sold by our competitors.

Your Shipping Container Marketplace

used shipping containers for sale

Guaranteed Not to Leak with a 1-yr Warranty

All our new and used shipping containers sold are accompanied by a 1 year warranty; covering the structural integrity of the doors, floors and roof (please it is worthy to note that warranty does not cover cosmetic condition).

Ground Level Delivery in 3-7 Business Days

  • Our Logistics team will be totally in charge of coordinating your shipping container delivery once you have placed your order.
  • They will work together with the haulers and other trusted courier services to ensure your container gets to you before on or the delivery date. Note that the duration of the delivery process depends on the geographical location of the client.
used shipping containers

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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