Shipping Crates For Sale


Shipping Crates For Sale

Standard shipping crate construction highlights include:

  • Heavy duty plywood and timber construction
  • All materials comply with ISPM 15 regulations
  • Built to your specifications and dimensions
  • Many different configurations available, such as top loading, lift off base and side loading


Starting at $2,000.00, SKU# WC84V, Wooden Shipping Crate

  • Custom built for your displays
  • Offers maximum protection for your exhibit materials
  • Durable and forklift ready


  • Interior Dimensions: Custom Built
  • Exterior Dimensions: Custom Built
  • Weight: Varies by size


  • Strong Patented design meets or exceeds the strength of a standard wood crate. Light-Duty, Standard-Duty and Heavy-Duty rated options offered.
  • Fast Prefabricated “Quick Ship” Crates improve production output and reduce labor costs.
  • Saves Space Collapsible, self-contained kit allows for easy storage freeing up to 75% more space VS pre-fabricated wood crates.
  • Light Approx. 40%-50% lighter than wood reduces shipping costs – especially when shipping air freight.
  • Water-Resistant Not a coating – Our Proprietary ECORR®Shield Integrated Linerboard keeps water out while remaining 100% Recyclable.
  • Internationally Accepted ASTM 15 compliant. *Optional Wood Pallets are Heat-Treated & Stamped.
  • Customizable ECORR®Crates are customizable. 12 inches or 12 Feet – modular design can adapt.
  • SafeLighter weight offers easier handling on the shop floor reducing injury claims.
  • Eco-Friendly Reusable and 100% Recyclable at end-of-life cycle offers cash-in-hand rather than added expense from disposal fees. Reduction in carbon footprint.


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