High Cube Shipping Container


High Cube Shipping Container

45ft Dry High Cube Container

This container is in “Cargo-worthy” condition. “cargo-worthy” means that the container condition meets the strict requirements for international shipping. These containers can be CSC certified, allowing it to be used for exports. These containers will be ideal for most purposes, both transportation storage and modifications especially for converting into housing as they floors are generally in a good condition. You should select this option if you need a high-quality container that can be used for any purpose.Cargo-worthy containers will always have;

  Fully functioning doors (open & close/ seal properly)

  No holes in steelwork

  No holes in flooring

Condition details

  Wind and watertight

  Suitable for shipping/export

  Floors free of holes

  Suitable for storage

  Doors fully functioning

  Suitable for modifications

Money back guarantee

We offer a 1-month money-bay guarantee. With this, we will refund the full purchase amount (less delivery and pick-up cost).

Condition guarantee

We guarantee that the containers we provide live up to the promised condition through our condition quality guarantee.



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