10ft shipping container office


10ft shipping container office


  ¼-inch painted wood paneling over wood framing and batt insulation

  One 3-foot by 3-foot window with burglar bars

  One 3-foot wide exterior personnel door

  One exterior security light adjacent to the personnel door

  Two standard 4-foot light fixtures, each with two 4-foot LED tubes

  Four duplex 110V outlets

  125A capacity panel with 60A exterior disconnect and data pass-through

  One 15K PTAC unit

  Original marine-grade plywood or bamboo floors

  Built in a standard, one-trip (close to new) container


  Width

  8 feet

  Length

  10 feet

  Height*

  8 feet, 6 inches


  Width

  7 feet

  Length

  8 feet, 9 inches

  Height*

  7 feet, 6 inches

  *Heights are based o a standard shipping container. Taller high-cube containers are available upon request.

  **All specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.

  ***Dimensions are approximate, as containers vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 



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